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writing consultations | workshops

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One-on-one writing consultations for developmental editing/writing coaching to focus on the quality, organization, and content of your writing project, suggesting/advising innovative or optimal options for development. Whether your project is a book manuscript in development or in conception phase, or already a draft created, or an essay or blog series conception, or a family story, or a business story or blog series – our service will assist with that development to professionally enhance to the greatest degree your creative end-product.

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Legacy is about what you leave behind you. Life is bewilderingly short – and yet during this life, we have many meaningful experiences. The Odyssey Indigo Legacy Project is all about deciding what you want to write about life itself, whether your own life, or the life of your business, or the life of your child or your children, or a parent or parents, or your husband or your wife, or other loved ones, while you still can write well, and with thoughtful accuracy.

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Coming Soon, Stay Tuned

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 OdysseyIndigo offers weekly innovative online workshops – and sometimes also one-off online workshops, or workshops running over several weeks. All online workshops offered through OdysseyIndigo are future-focused, intensive, and interactive. Keep checking this area for new developments.

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Business Seminars or Webinars & Business Content Creation or Editing

Any business wishing to nurture a positive, communicative, effective, productive staff environment would benefit from Odyssey Indigo Seminars in the workplace. This service begins with a meeting with your communications manager or coordinator, or whoever is in charge of the following issues in the workplace:

  1. Effective Corporate Communications
  2. The Importance of Human Rights in the Workplace
  3. Dispute Resolution in the Workplace
  4. Strategies for Career Development: Management
  5. Building Community at Work: Team Building



Perhaps you have been thinking for years about climate change and environmental issues – perhaps you have been wanting to come up to speed on your knowledge of Climate Change? The course Great Balls of Fire, Greta!, featuring The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg, offered online this fall by Kate@OdysseyIndigo, provides you with an opportunity to do just that – please see online writing workshops here on this website to learn more. 

Draw into your orbit ideas and actions which can in some small or larger way move the needle on climate change awareness – or other areas of political concern.