One-on-one writing consultations for developmental editing/writing coaching to focus on the quality, organization, and content of your writing project, suggesting/advising innovative or optimal options for development. Whether your project is a book manuscript in development or in conception phase, or already a draft created, or an essay or blog series conception, or a family story, or a business story or blog series – our service will assist with that development to professionally enhance to the greatest degree your creative end-product.

  • Original ideation 
  • The story arc of the piece/essay or book project – the structure
  • Organization / Presentation 
  • Titles [working & final] 
  • Topics covered – where depth is needed/themes missed/how certains themes inter-relate
  • Frameworks/Tension/Building Suspense or Excitement in a Narrative
  • Development of narrative voice/p.o.v./Potential innovative narrative devices
  • Relationships between characters
  • Relationships between/order of chapters [organization]
  • Where development is needed or could add substantive meaning/depth of field
  • Where knowledge should/could be gained [research]/detail/how best gain perspective
  • Where to expand, where to reduce
  • Lessons on concision/clarity/cohesion
  • Greater perspective on your project and its full potential

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One Hour Consultation With KAte

One Hour
$ 120 One Hour
  • Full Analysis and Written Report

Three (3) one-hour Writing Consultations

3 one hour
$ 335 3-one hour sessions
  • Full Analysis and Written Report for 1st meeting
  • Summary for 2nd and 3rd meeting.

Three [3] consultations for book length projects

3 one hour
$ 495 3-one hour sessions
  • Full Analysis and Written Report for all consultations
  • Email access with Kate during our meeting time span

Five [5] consultations

5 One-Hour “Writing” Consultations
$ 550 5-one hour sessions
  • Full Analysis and Written Report for 1st meeting
  • Follow - Up summaries for the last 4 meetings
  • Email access with Kate during our meeting time span

I’m looking forward to meeting you and discussing your unique project with you!

Let’s Talk About Your Writing Process

OdysseyIndigo provides literary expertise via developmental editing and coaching to those with writing projects to ensure their project aspires to the highest possible quality, with a structure and ideation that fully enhances all working elements. Please download the Booklet below on Developmental Editing & The Writing Coach to fully understand OdysseyIndigo services. 

With OdysseyIndigo, your project will be receiving the close attention it needs to become a memorable piece, whether it is fiction or non-fiction, essay or memoir. To begin, book an hour session to discuss your project objectives and to gain a full appreciation for the collaborative possibilities – or book a free 15-minute meeting to meet kate@odysseyindigo.

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Kate Orland Bere

Canadian writer Kate Orland Bere has studied literature at Western University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and at the Humber School of Writing – over a decade of study. She has studied with highly respected international writers and poets over her career, and has been recognized for her originality, her often trenchant humour, and her talent. Born in Ontario’s Huron County, the writer-poet has lived in 12 cities across 3 countries. Freight, her first short story compilation, encompasses12 stories exploring the impacts of various forms of trauma, atrocities that mirror the traumas inflicted upon Earth. Her current literary project, a memoir entitled Out of Saudi, crosses into social and political commentary and analysis, satire, dreamscapes, feminist analysis, and more. KOB is also working on a book of poetry and continues to write short stories.

You are purchasing writing consultations with  Kate@OdysseyIndigo individual hours of developmental editing consultation and writing coaching on a particular writing project. This will be of your choosing in terms of the project type. 

The project options are: a book project, an essay or essay series, a blog or blog series, business content or business story, a family story, a speech or speech series, an academic proposal, a business proposal – any writing project. 

Please be sure to understand Developmental editing / Writing coach concepts as per OdysseyIndigo – download the booklet here :

Please read the booklet, particularly the definition of developmental editing, before our first meeting, so your time is not wasted.

Writing Consultations:

Developmental Editing [Substantive editing] – What is it? 

Developmental or substantive editing is best done before the project begins [especially if a book] – and/or as it progresses, not when it is finished, although this too can be accomplished. Having the coaching/feedback occur before and during the writing is going to make a far greater difference to enhance the quality and depth of the work produced – particularly if a book project – and will also create more excitement and awareness during the writing.

The above editing booklet clarifies the developmental/substantive editing process and its objectives.  This booklet also defines clearly all the different stages and types of editing. If considering this service with OdysseyIndigo, do download this essential booklet and read it. You will then fully understand the quality and extent of the service provided here through OdysseyIndigo.

Click to download an OdysseyIndigo booklet on Developmental Editing & The Writing Coach.

If your project is small, but essential – for instance, content that is for a business or a website, or for a critical report for work, or an academic project, or a speech – these are all projects which could benefit tremendously from this service – the developmental editing process and writing coaching with OdysseyIndigo. If you want to learn how to blog, for instance, there may be a special workshop soon on just this topic. 

If you have a book project idea, and find yourself daunted by thoughts of beginning, or begin writing and find yourself overwhelmed, then you will seriously benefit from this service. If you are a brilliant writer who has fine ideas, but little time to execute, you will also benefit to gain clarity for the time you do have to write. If you have a project hiding under your bed – maybe it is time to have a 2nd look at what you have created – and abandoned. Perhaps it is a masterpiece in the rough.