The Legacy Project Online Seminar - Workshop

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This online class is a Single Seminar Workshop laying out essential areas for key writing development. With the price of attendance, you will receive also an ongoing newsletter that details the answers to the questions posed in the ZOOM chat box during the workshops she holds online for The Legacy Project. In this way, anyone attempting a Legacy Project can continue to benefit from this online class, gaining key ideas and clarifications, long after the day you attend the event online. In essence, you are becoming part of a larger club or group, by attending this workshop. You can continue with one-on-one consultations with Kate@OdysseyIndigo or perhaps join an in-person Legacy Project Workshop if Kate offers one in your area. 


Writer Kate Orland Bere is the founder/artistic director of, a consulting business focused on creative inspiration and strategic planning for writing projects, whether a book, or a blog or blog series, or an essay, or a story, or a speech – a writing project intended to enhance your brand or your legacy, whether for a personal or a business brand. In the Legacy Project Online Workshop, if you have ever dreamed of developing a book project, or an essay, or story, or blog series, Kate works with clients to guide them in developing their idea into a finished project that is exquisitely envisioned, integrating the strongest story elements. This online workshop is intended to get you started on a writing/journaling journey with passion and purpose that just may be the beginning of a Legacy Project to leave in your wake – whether the project is intended for your family, your business, your larger circle of loved ones, or for the world at large. 


The Legacy Project online class offers individuals the unique opportunity to consider their writing project, and attain valuable perspective from Kate’s expertise, while gaining insight from participation in the class as well – on process, on purpose, on passion. It requires passion and purpose to write a full book, or even one essay, or one story, or a blog series – and the process to arrive to the finish line is an individual journey marked by specific creative decisions.  Leave something behind you that gives your loved ones, or anyone reading your book or your essay or story, something unique that demonstrates your values and knowledge in the world. 

You will receive the newsletter via email if you sign up to receive it on the website or if you sign up to attend this online workshop.

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This online class is a single Seminar Workshop laying out essential areas and options for key writing development in a Legacy Project, whether this might be a story, an essay, a blog, or a book that one wants to develop to publish or for their business, or for their family. The ongoing newsletter for this class will be published and sent to you once per month ongoing, and will include ideas from this workshop. There will writing prompts given during the workshop which can be utilized later to develop ideas for a project. This is an exciting class where we delve into the fount of memory and where you can ask your writing questions and all of them will be answered either in the chatbox, or directly - or in the newsletter you will receive. I look forward to working with you!