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On Odyssey Indigo Legacy Project Consultations:

Writer Kate Orland Bere is the founder/director of Odyssey Indigo.com, a consulting business focused on creative inspiration and strategic planning for client writing projects or for blog writing. If you have ever dreamed of developing a book project, or an essay or blog series, Kate works with her clients to guide them in developing their idea into a finished project that is exquisitely envisioned, integrating the strongest story elements. 

The Legacy Project offers individuals the unique opportunity to take a deep dive into their personal or business project, and attain valuable perspective and frameworks from Kate’s developmental editing and writing expertise, honing in on the objectives of the project – the passions and the purpose – with a focus on particular process. There is also the possibility of participation in an online Legacy Project Workshop. 

Legacy is about what you leave behind you. Life is bewilderingly short – and yet during this life, we have many meaningful experiences, both positive and negative. The Odyssey Indigo Legacy Project is all about deciding what you want to write about life itself, or your own life, or the life of your business, or the life of your child or your children, or a parent or parents, or your husband or your wife, or other loved ones, while you can write well, and with thoughtful accuracy. In completing this intricate creative process, while considering important factors you may be unaware of, in your work with Kate, who is a highly-skilled developmental editor and writer, you will reach your highest aspirations with your project. 

Consultations – whether just one or a consultation series – can ensure that you achieve a higher level of quality and originality in the work – as well as attain greater meaning and impact in the final document. The ultimate objective is to leave behind you a profound sense of who you are, and what matters most to you. 

The first step is to book a consultation, and we can discuss your unique project. By doing so, you will discover fresh perspectives on your project, and a strong sense if we can work well together. Leave something behind you that gives your loved ones, or anyone reading your book or your piece, something entirely special that demonstrates your values and knowledge in the world. Get in touch with your passion and purpose and bring your knowledge or experiences to the world in an Odyssey Indigo Legacy Project, whether this is for your business, for your family, or for the world. Take your brand, whether personal or public, to the next level. 

It is not necessary to take part in the Workshop if you are engaging with Kate in private consultations, but if a Workshop opens, you will be given an opportunity to join an Odyssey Indigo Legacy Workshop as well.  

Booking a Legacy Project Consultation or Series of Consultations:

To write a full book, or even one story, or essay, or blog, or speech requires both passion and purpose – and the process is a remarkable journey marked by specific creative decisions. Through an inspiring collaborative creative process, bring your knowledge and/or experiences to the future world in a Legacy Project.  

Book your Legacy Project Consultation – One full hour $120

Series of Three one Hour [3] Legacy Project Zoom Consultations $335


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A Family with Ballast

By Kate Orland Bere 
Copyright 2023

All of us are born into a family situation – we do have two parents even if they do not survive, or even if they don’t stick around to care for us. And that family nucleus is the most important factor in creating a sense of self, of identity, of being loved, of being valued, of one’s intelligence – so many things are put into play by the accident of one’s birth. I was both fortunate and unfortunate. Born into a large family, I was the sixth child, with two loving parents and 5 healthy and intelligent siblings: 3 brothers and 2 sisters. But when I was a baby, my father, who was 16 years my mother’s senior, suffered his first stroke. Six months later, my mother, a trained teacher, returned to the classroom, as my father’s deteriorating health was a warning bell to her that she needed to act to ensure the family income. My father, a successful and hardworking farmer with an engineer’s mind, was told to stop working on his farm. He did not choose to stop. Rather, he was given my care and continued farming also.


by Kate Orland Bere
Copyright 2023

Every run in our lives, every challenge, begins with a first step. Continuing to recognize that there are new steps to take, different directions in which to move, different dances to learn – this is critical to realize as well – to continue to challenge the self, in order to build resilience, character, and to help those struggling against something larger than themselves. This is what has happened with Theresa Carriere in the decision she made, while on a run back in 2009, while considering how in the aftermath of her own victorious battle with breast cancer – which she successfully fought off with a double mastectomy at the age of 43 – how could she help others who were perhaps less fortunate? What could she do to help others?

How many people ask this question of themselves?