Speaker Series

Writer / speaker Kate Orland Bere is offering keynote speeches of 20 – 30 minutes focused on the following topics: 

    1. Why Writers Write: Defining Purpose
    2. Why the Practice of Career Mindfulness is Critical to Your Career Growth
    3. The Environmental Movement: Why We Must All Step Up 
    4. Trauma & Healing: Building Resilience
    5. Complicated Grief & PTSD: A Journey to Embrace 
    6. Widowhood, Resilience, & Satire

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The Environmental Movement:
Why We Must All Step Up

Kate Orland Bere is a writer and speaker who explores and studies trauma and the psychology of ecological stress, and the sociological and ethical implications of environmental crisis. She is positioned to speak, as a storyteller guide, to the grief of environmental breakdown and how humans can move past the paralysis of grief to discover new pathways to action, choose environmental engagement on our own terms, creating meaningful community on that individual and shared journey. Her speeches on this subject reach audiences through empathy, holistic humour, knowledge, and emotional intelligence. Her storytelling is a call to meaningful engagement – ending paralysis and fear – to involve one’s intellect and one’s physical body – our entire being – in building a life of deep purpose.

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Why Writers Write: Defining Purpose

So you want to become a writer? A fiction writer, a journalist, a political writer, a script writer? 

Why do writers become writers? This speech is a storytelling event on how a writer over time develops their craft, chooses their specialities, their special topics of keen interest, and how this choosing often intersects with destiny. This speech lays the groundwork for any aspiring writer to understand where to begin, how not to become compromised, how not to surrender to discouragement, how to choose a meaningful niche where they can grow their knowledge over time. 

Writing is storytelling in every profession because storytelling is necessary to engage readers. For example, science is storytelling – not to say that it does not involve facts, but science always arranges facts into a story that grows ever larger as our understandings of other facts grow. Sometimes within that larger science story, over time, one individual previous “fact” becomes less true, or untrue, or true only within certain parameters. 

There has never been a more important time to write honest, engaging, well-researched work that adds in meaningful ways to the human conversation across the globe. 

How do you define purpose in your life as a writer? Why is it necessary to do so? That is what this speech transmits: inspiration, engagement, purpose.  

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Why the Practice of Career Mindfulness is Critical to your Career Growth

Career Mindfulness is a term Kate Orland Bere created, meaning:

A conscious and deep engagement with our own human values, talents, and serious interests, implanting these core elements within our workplace or business in order to align these strengths within our career – within the chosen drive of our career path. 

But how do we put career mindfulness into action? How do we break this concept down into actionable steps? 

There is much to unpack here, and this speech engages the audience, via a storytelling event utilizing humour,  empathy, knowledge, and emotional intelligence, to think deeply of the why in this question and how crucial to their present and their future this concept is – for themselves, for their loved ones, and for their children and grandchildren. 

Kate Orland Bere as a writer and public intellectual who engages an audience to consider a world where individuals taking this above concept seriously will make the difference between humans leading lives of quiet desperation versus humans choosing to live lives of clear ethical choice, discovery, meaning, and engaged learning – over one’s entire lifespan.