speaker series

Writer / speaker Kate Orland Bere is offering keynote speeches of 20 – 30 focused on the following topics: 

    1. Why Writers Write: Defining Purpose
    2. Why the Practice of Career Mindfulness is Critical to Your Career Growth
    3. The Environmental Movement: Why We Must All Step Up 
    4. Trauma & Healing: Building Resilience
    5. Complicated Grief & PTSD: A Journey to Embrace 
    6. Widowhood, Resilience, & Satire


To arrange a call to speak to  Kate Orland Bere about a speech, write to her:

  • Ensure to enter as your header title: “Book a Speech” in your email concerning speeches. 
  • Please include your phone number with area code.
  • Give Kate an idea of what topic of speech you would like [from the list above], how long a speech you will need, the nature of the event [audience size and composition], and when and where [venue] it will be taking place. 
  • Kate will reply to your email with a call within 48 hours, likely in the evening, unless there has been some kind of emergency on her end. 
  • The fee is determined by the location [travel time], the size of the group, the length of the speech, etc. 


Writer Kate Orland Bere has written a short fiction compilation, entitled Freight, which is focused upon trauma – featuring stories exploring trauma from multiple narrative angles. KOB is a writer of essays, both political and cultural, poetry, reviews, speeches, and other content. She is currently working on a memoir, Out of Saudi, based on her 6 years spent teaching writing, advising, and writing her book in Saudi Arabia. She is also writing a series of articles [blogposts] on climate change and AI – see and follow FuturePense here on this website under Author – as well as two other blogs, SisterTHINK and GratefullyRewired, also found under the Author section of this website [See BLOGS on menu]. 


Additionally, Kate Orland Bere also does consulting through her business OdysseyIndigo.com – writing/developmental editing consultations on writing projects as well as offering writing workshops, both online and in-person. 


A CDP, Kate offers career consultations and career development workshops online and in-person.