Social Media & Web Presence Analysis & Evaluation

  • Understand that no changes will be made by Odyssey Indigo to the social media sites with this service: however, this does represent a full analysis and report of client web presence/social media sites with suggestions for improvements: accurate and impactful professional branding, aesthetics, creativity, visual impact, and/or tools to utilize to expand influence, leadership, & networking potential, etc. The stronger the detail provided by the client about the individual or the business under analysis, the greater accuracy and profundity this service can/will provide

Please list all Social Media sites with full URL's
Once you purchase, your Social Media & Web Presence Analysis & Evaluation will be sent to you via email [with that title preceded by Odyssey Indigo] within no more than 10 working days. It might be much sooner; it depends on season. Your analysis & evaluation will be substantive. .