Swallowed Whole
by kate orland bere Copyright 1996
the fastest way, he says
is through the front door
through the front door I went and
it ate me engulfed me tore out my entrails
spat me on the wall with the horses
and pink women with pink tits and pinker clits
I’m sure they were eaten as well
all is consumed there and all
is consuming

Photo by Timur Romanov on Unsplash

Photo by Adam Nir on Unsplash

No Country For Old Men: Review

One has to wonder why the title of this Oscar-winning film exludes old women. The only figure who calls the psychopathic Black Angel of Death Anton Chigurh on his random method of deciding his victim’s fate–the coin toss–is Carla Jean Moss, in a flawless performance by a Scottish lass–Kelly Macdonald. A film centering on the actions of amorally-driven men, this one sensitive, vulnerable cinematic moment seems to give Javier Bardem’s EverReadyKiller pause. Chigurh seems so traumatized as he drives away from Moss’s home that he does not see the car that plows into his vehicle. Ever driven to survive, Chigurh lurches off robotically into his next Hell.

Review By Kate Orland Bere

Copyright 2008 Kate Orland Bere

Purple Carrots and Pumpernickel

The first thing I noticed about her was that she was eating purple carrots. Now, say – I was startled enough to blurt – where did you get those?

Looking up, she merely raised an eyebrow. I blushed darker, I am sure, than her carrots and stammered, I mean they are so rare, aren’t they?

She blinked at me, and replied, saucily, well to some people they are, I suppose. And proceeded to eat, slowly and disdainfully, bite by purple bite. 

Usually not so brusque, I stuffed my carry-on bag into the compartment above, along with my jacket, and thunked down beside her, determined to keep to myself and ignore this annoying young woman – and her carrots. I wrestled out my laptop and proceeded to check my email. 

Banal Evil Under Glass:

By Kate Orland Bere Copyright June 2023


The glass of your cage, Eichmann

Bulletproof, polycarbonate, acrylic, 

Smooth, cool, clear, framed in white 

But how thick and how thick the skin

Of the smallish man posing behind it, you, smirking feverishly

Mass murderer, butcher, administrator of death

Banal evil under glass.