Odyssey Indigo Promise of Quality Care & Caveat

In working with Kate@OdysseyIndigo, while there is a promise of integrity as to the quality of consultations and this intensive collaborative process for inspiring coaching – whether for writing development or for career development, Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting and Kate Orland Bere make no promises of commercial publication of your writing, nor any promise for attaining a career or job from any work or collaborative process a client pursues with Kate Orland Bere or Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting. At the end of the day, there remains on the table other important factors that also impact these outcomes, things such as: individual talent; potential learning issues; motivation; individual follow-through [or not] on suggestions and recommendations; available opportunities [or lack thereof]; self- marketing skills; the economy or markets; client health – any of these and more issues can also impact outcomes. Therefore, Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting assumes no responsibility for specific outcomes in services rendered other than to ensure that clients receive excellent and top-tier quality in their interactions – respectful, innovative, and thoughtful client care and engagement in all of their collaborative work with Kate@OdysseyIndigo to render the greatest positive personal impact in writing project development or in career development. 


Quality developmental editing is far more likely to result in the creation of a top-quality product or written work. While professional line-by-line editing will also make a difference, of course, to the quality of the final product, it is the quality and originality of the IDEAS themselves/the organization of the text/precise or distinctive language/the unique themes and the perspective and depth/etc. – all that goes into the writing that render the finished product distinctive other than the grammar or polish and originality of the writing. All of these developmental elements ultimately also inspire the writing itself – the freshness and inspiration of the writing. If the ideas are poor, lack originality or creativity, are not fully worked through, or are insubstantive or even fallacious, no amount of line-by-line editing will fix those problems. And one cannot fix these problems easily AFTER creating text. It is much more efficacious to work through these issues either prior to writing, or during the early stages of the writing process, or as one progresses with the writing. For this, a skillful developmental editor /writing coach can be crucial to success. 


Note Caveat: Any outcomes from third-party referrals for line-by-line editing is the responsibility of that line-by-line editing professional, and not the responsibility of Kate Orland Bere nor Odyssey Indigo. Any referred 3rd party line-by-line editor will be thoroughly vetted, yes, but the suggested person(s) [contact(s)] is/are merely suggestions. That referred 3rd party is not working for Odyssey Indigo. Kate Orland Bere [KOB] will check their references and that editor’s work before she refers, but cannot and will not guarantee their work – the referred line-by-line editor works for themselves, not for KOB nor for Odyssey Indigo. Always keep in mind that line-by-line editors are rarely professional, talented writers and this is what sets me apart as a developmental editor. Please read the Service booklet to understand the differences in editing practices and purposes, and specific purposes and advantages of developmental editing. [Downloadable HERE] 

Content Creation or Short line-by-line Editing Projects: 

Line-by-line editing or content creation for shorter pieces like blogs or articles may be contracted to Odyssey Indigo itself. Send an email inquiry to kate@odysseyindigo.com if this is what you require OR make an appointment for a free 15-minute consultation [only available Sunday afternoons] or full hour writing consultation and we can discuss your needs. These specific services are rendered on a case-by-case basis as to a quote for the work and whether there is available time for the specific project. 

NOTE: Businesses who need regular writing done [such as a regular blog/review/proposal] definitely should contact: kate@odysseyindigo.com