Kate Orland Bere writes of her childhood: 

I was raised for the first six years of my life mostly by my father, who possessed an engineer’s mind. Spending most of our time outdoors developed my sense of beauty in the environment, my poetic eye – my sensibility as an artist. My father was an observant and kind man. Through his influence, I became a close observer of my surroundings and sensitive to the emotions of others. 

Due to a total breakdown of his health, my father took his own life at 57 years of age when I was six. My mother, a gifted and dedicated teacher, gave life to 7 children: I was the sixth. There was plenty of love in my home life, despite that early tragedy and trauma. My life as a child was one of constant learning, as well as joyous time spent in nature growing up near the shores of Lake Huron. Through it all, my mother, widowed at 42, remained an absolute rock. 

I began reading voraciously at 8 years of age, and in time, to write poetry, and later, short stories and essays.”

Kate Orland Bere has studied literature at Western University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and at the Humber School of Writing – over a decade of study in English Literature & Fiction Writing. She has studied/worked with many acclaimed international writers and poets over the past 25 years. She finished her first compilation of stories, Freight, while teaching university in Saudi Arabia, where she had gone after the sudden and early death of her beloved husband, intellectual and professor Andrew John Miller, scholar of Modernist literature. Her current literary projects include a memoir on her 6 years in Saudi Arabia, and a book of poetry.

KOB has lived for significant periods of her life in the USA, KSA & in Quebec, only recently returning to Ontario after a long hiatus. Kate writes three regular blogs – SisterTHINK, Gratefully Rewired, and FuturePense, which reflect her in-depth analysis – her thoughts as a public intellectual. Check these blogs out on her website. 

Kate Orland Bere is the Artistic Director / COI [Chief of Innovation] of her business, OdysseyIndigo.com, a consulting business for writing projects [English writing and developmental editing [blogs, blog series, essays, stories, books], and offering writing workshops in North America or online. The business also offers online career development consultations – counselling/coaching/online and in-person workshops offered anywhere in North America. 


The Hope Gap in Climate Change

One special focus of OdysseyIndigo.com, KOB’s consulting and workshop business, is to narrow the Hope Gap in the environmental movement, encouraging clients to consider environmental advocacy in their book/writing projects or in their career planning.  

Kate Orland Bere is now seeking an agent/publisher for her fiction compilation, Freight, and Out of Saudi, et plus. Watch for her coming regular epistle on Substack.