Kate Orland Bere: BIO

Kate Orland Bere has studied literature at Western University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and at the Humber School of Writing – as well as working & workshopping with well-known writers, playwrights, and poets such as Josip Novakovich, Donald Antrim, Mac Wellman, Kevin Canty, Lisa Moore, Christopher Cokinos, and many other writers and poets in North America and beyond. A poet first, beginning to write in her childhood in Huron County, Kate soon turned also to short fiction, and eventually as well to political and creative non-fiction essays. Kate has lived in the USA, the KSA & in Montreal, Quebec, only recently returning to Ontario after a long hiatus. KOB finished her first compilation of stories, Freight, while teaching writing at 3 universities in Saudi Arabia [KSA]; she was motivated to teach and advise in KSA soon after the sudden death in Montreal of her beloved husband, Andrew John Miller, professor/intellectual/scholar of Modernist literature. 

Highly original, Kate’s writing often brings her reader to unexpected insights, feelings, or understandings. As a developmental editor, Kate has the capacity to enrich each project, taking the planning and execution to deeper levels – to influencer levels. As a consultant, whether in writing or communications, or in career development, Kate takes each client on an exciting journey of discovery. 

Kate is launching a consulting & workshop business this fall, OdysseyIndigo.com. OdysseyIndigo facilitates serious writing projects, featuring developmental editing and/or workshops for English writing, both online & in-person, as well as offering corporate communication seminars. As well, OdysseyIndigo.com offers online career development – counselling/coaching/workshops held online or workshops in-person which can be held in any city or community in southern Ontario. 

www.odysseyindigo.com [launch September of 2023]Kate writes three monthly blogs – GratefullyREWIRED; FuturePense, & SisterThink – all three associated with www.OdysseyIndigo.com – and each of which reflect her analysis as a public intellectual, and often, her satiric abilities.