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Environmental Movement – Climate Change Activism: What is your relationship to the future? 

I have just read the book Generation Dread, by author Britt Wray, published in 2022, with a new Amazon publication of the book out this year:

In Generation Dread, Britt Wray seamlessly merges scientific knowledge with emotional insight to show how these intense feelings are a healthy response to the troubled state of the world. The first crucial step toward becoming an engaged steward of the planet is connecting with our climate emotions, seeing them as a sign of humanity, and learning how to live with them. We have to face and value eco-anxiety, Wray argues, before we can conquer the deeply ingrained, widespread reactions of denial and disavowal that have led humanity to this alarming period of ecological decline. [GoodReads] 

If you read one book this entire year, read this book – and read it slowly, making notes or pencil it up. I cannot properly describe the emotions I felt upon reading this book. My love for nature knows no bounds, yet, due to the trajectory of my life, I have felt drawn away from the environmental movement by that intense trajectory, over which it seemed I had little control. Yet I was there, as a member of the human audience, partially witnessing this unravelling nightmare, all these singular, progressively bitter battles – this long modern history now of environmental assault on our planet. And yet, as a writer, I was largely silent. I call this My Silent Summer – the years past when I have not taken up my pen to include myself in this courageous, and necessary, battle. Those silent years occurred because of the traumas and tragedies unfolding within my own life. 

We are now entering perhaps the deeper fall of our environmental descent, if we do not wake up and act aggressively to address our climate / environmental issues. Greta Thunberg’s call to arms – see under Environmental section of AUTHOR category [main menu] on this website – is an outraged scream into that silence – a scream into the human unconscious – a wilderness where people have been cowering, cringing, not enough of us acting, speaking, reaching for more information, reaching for more ways we can take on a meaningful role in this struggle. For it is indeed a struggle for our world. It will be a holocaust of growing proportions if we do not act – and decisively. This is a struggle for not merely our own lives, but for all those who will follow us – for our youth and for the yet unborn. The environmental movement is a struggle for awareness and action that directly impacts the future of humankind, and indeed, impacts all life forms on this planet, and the planet itself. 

It is an irrefutable fact that we are headed into very dangerous waters, climate-wise. Don’t believe it? Read the evidence over the generations, the decades preceding us. Now our world is literally on fire. Start with a reading journey, if even beginning slowly, one chapter at a time?

Read Generation Dread by Britt Wray; read The Climate Book by Greta Thunberg. [Take the seminar with me, check it out here.]  Begin with what speaks to you – and if you have the time, pull together a reading group to read the books together and discuss each of them together afterward. Watch, together, films on the environmental crisis. In this way, you can begin to grow your own activist group and decide how you want to put your passion for the world into your daily environmental efforts. It does all matter. And it will improve your mental state to act and it will, as Wray has found, transform your thinking – and thus your feeling. 

And if all of that reading and thinking does not convince you of what is truly happening in our world, read this book, They Knew [2021] by James Gustave Speth:

Here is an older interview [Orion Magazine, 2008] with Speth when he taught at Yale University:

Speth is from South Carolina. His is a voice of reason in a wilderness of insanity – and another book I would add to the group of books above is his memoir Angels by the River.  I look forward to reading it; I can only imagine the frustrations this man has had in his career. Yet, how proud he should be to have spoken out over his entire career on matters that were and are crucial to humanity’s survival. 

This blog will be an exploration of critical matters concerning the environment, from the perspective of those active in the environmental movement, as well as the dangers inherent in AI [as well as how it can possibly help us] and any other critical topic to the work of the future. 

You don’t know yet what you want to do with your future? You want to make a difference? You want to transition to more meaningful work? Read this blog and explore those ideas and thoughts more deeply.

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