Creative Communications & Leadership Writing Workshop:

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Communication, Career, Resilience, & Leadership: 

Exploring Your Potential in Preparation for a Challenging Future

In the intersection of these four above words and their coalescing meanings – communication, career, resilience, and leadership, there is a pathway to epiphanies – to a discovery of greater potential within yourself, and within the life you want, or are attempting to build. The exploration of this workshop will expose those potential areas of growth and explore also how to mine them for exponential growth, no matter where you are in your life, in which possible transition. If you have found yourself “stuck” by some event in your life, or by the stresses of life, or if you want and need a vibrant forum in which to explore dreams that should not remain merely dreams, then this is a workshop with a writer/career development professional [CDP]/facilitator equipped to help you change the course of your life. Perhaps you merely want to explore ideas for potential changes – as this emerging technological world is one of dizzying speed. All humans are wondering just where we are headed. In other words, there are so many considerations and choices, we can become bewildered, exhausted, or paralyzed by the virtual storm of possibilities. 

Clarity on career direction or life direction means taking stock of where you are now. Gaining clarity is also understanding how communication and leadership skills can underpin your success in family life, as well as in your career. Resilience and adaptability is needed also in today’s world to continuously grow in this rapidly changing world. How strong are your coping mechanisms? 

The Ted talks and article below are all focusing in on what it would mean for you to build a vibrant, balanced, resilient, reasonably happy, and yes, vulnerable, life that allows yourself also the wholeness to feel – to be a real and present person who is truly there for those you love – as well as fully present in your work life – in your career. This is an eight-week workshop where vulnerability and openness will be necessary. There are countless outcomes to fully participating, including, possibly, establishing meaningful friendships and connections. That is also a workshop goal – to learn how to communicate more effectively and with clarity – both within a group and with the self. In each of the 8 weeks, there will be a focus for half of the time each week on building stronger communication skills, both written and verbal. Kate will provide private feedback on any writing done within the workshop, to anyone who wishes feedback. 

How could your life grow, improve?  Your career grow? Your communications skills, both written and verbal, improve? What do you want in your life or career that is not there now? These are all topics that will be probed and explored within this workshop, through writing exercises, readings, videos, podcasts, and group discussions. 

Self-exploration and self-examination for discoveries of positive potential is what this workshop is all about.  

Outcomes to expect:

  • Develop clearer communication skills
  • Release Stress 
  • Gain Motivation & Productivity
  • Learn – as much as you have time for – excellent materials
  • Gain Awareness of your own inner drives and dreams
  • Gain insight from memory, and stories [that of others and your own]
  • Gain Focus
  • Stronger at Decision-Making [CDM = Career Decision-Making] 
  • More Resilient / More Adaptable
  • Heading towards a more balanced, happier, vibrant life

Brene Brown: The Power of Vulnerability

Nigel Marsh – How to Make Work-Life Balance Work

What Makes a Good Life: Lessons from the Longest Study on Happiness

The Three Secrets of Resilient People:

The Power in Writing About Yourself

Communication – Its Value in the WorkWorld  [Lauren Landry – Harvard Business School Online]

Communication – Why Communication Should be a Core Value for Everyone [by Amy Lokken] Private Communication – The Values 

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