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OdysseyIndigo: Let’s Talk About Your Writing Process 


OdysseyIndigo provides literary expertise via developmental editing and coaching [otherwise known as substantive editing] to those with writing projects, small or large, to ensure their project aspires to the highest possible quality, with a structure that fully enhances all working elements – and the overall quality of the project. In other words, developmental editing concerns: 


  • Original IDEATION 
  • The story arc of the piece/essay or book project
  • Organization / Presentation 
  • Titles [working & final] 
  • Topics covered – where depth is needed/themes missed/topics possibly should not cover
  • Frameworks/Tension/Building Suspense or Excitement in a Narrative
  • Development of narrative voice/P.O.V/Potential narrative devices
  • Relationships between characters
  • Relationships between chapters [organization]
  • Where development is needed or could add substantive meaning/depth of field
  • Where knowledge should/could be gained [research]/detail/how best to do this, potentially
  • Where to expand, where to reduce
  • Lessons on concision/clarity/cohesion
  • Etc. 


Developmental or substantive editing is best done before the project begins [especially if a book] – and as it progresses, not when it is finished, although that too can be done. 


However, not that having the coaching occur before and during the writing is going to make a far greater difference to the quality and depth of the work produced – particularly if a book project – and create more excitement as well during the writing. 


If your project is small, but critical – for instance, a piece of writing that is for a business or a website, or for work [a report], or an academic project, or a speech – these are all projects which could benefit tremendously from this service – this process. 


Please understand that this is not a line-by-line editing service, nor a copy-editing service, nor a re-writing [for you] service. 


OdysseyIndigo’s  service concerns the 14 points above – which is substantive/developmental editing and writing coaching – and this is a top-tier, collaborative and critical [analytical] service and creative process.

If you have a book project idea, and find yourself daunted by thoughts of beginning, or begin writing and find yourself overwhelmed, then you will seriously benefit from this service. If you are a brilliant writer who has fine ideas, but little time to execute, you will also benefit to gain clarity for the time you do have to write. If you have a project hiding under your bed – maybe it is time to have a 2nd look at what you have created – and abandoned. Perhaps it is a masterpiece in the rough.