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Career Consultations / Counselling

A seasoned writer and developmental editor, Kate Orland Bere is also a Career Development Professional [CDP], and a skilled career counsellor, particularly with artists and entrepreneurs, executives and managers, newcomers and youth, or anyone focused on rewirement [transitioning]. Read the blog below – GratefullyREWIRED – to understand this term. Kate possesses solid career development experience with all professionals, whether established, mid-career, or aspiring. She also has accumulated substantive successful experience as an academic advisor, working with students, including international students, and with newcomers to Canada in education and employment counselling. 

Perspective is key: understanding your potential. KOB coined the professional term career mindfulness [read definition below pricing], understanding that this practice should always govern anyone’s career decision-making. One can become buried in the day-to-day demands on one’s time, and may not see or seek opportunities that arise. Kate’s counselling focus is on guiding you to explore your values, your talents, and your deepest interests – in a transformative process that enables you to determine which innovative career path or pivot is right for you, with optimal opportunities for dynamic future growth. 

Don’t you owe it to yourself to explore what you could do to optimize your career growth? 

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Career Mindfulness: Why does it Matter?

Parents & Career Mindfulness

If your child said to you at 5 years old, “Daddy, I want to be just like you when I grow up” – what would you say to this? And what would you say, if your 15-year old said “Mom, I want to study to become a doctor like you. I so admire you”? Gratifying, perhaps – but what should one say? It is essential that a young person views their future as their own, and not anyone else’s. Yes, of course, it is a good idea to take your child to work whenever possible so that they understand what you do, how you do your job, and how you are respected at work, and what responsibilities you have, and what those mean – how you cope with the challenges of your position. How you negotiate for more challenging, more compensatory, more meaningful work – which is of course essential to your mental health over time – all three of these factors. If your child sees that you have chosen work that is not meaningful to you, not challenging for you, this sends a damaging message to their sense of self. It sends a message that a] you do not value your time nor your person, b] that you lack the courage and intelligence and imagination to find work that is meaningful to you, and 3] it tells them that somehow you believe that you do not deserve work that matters to you – work that you could actually love and value. This is destructive not just to you, but to your child. 

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– a term created by Kate O]rland Bere in 2 articles written for CareerHD 2022

If you are being career mindful, you ensure that you remain fully aware and engaging in an ongoing dialogue with your basic core strengths, interests, and values, as these can change over time. Your values matter most of all. Further, to be career mindful, you are always actively seeking pathways forward – challenges – to grow further in those core areas, discovering or even creating the environment needed to expand on your values, interests, and strengths. By directly challenging yourself to grow and to achieve what you dream of achieving, you continuously and mindfully grow in your career path, naturally and progressively. Your life is thereby shaped by that exciting growth, rather than by stagnation and repetition – boredom.

Career mindfulness is all about assuming responsibility for your own personal career growth, and ideally, doing so with joy and discovery. Our world is rapidly changing, and there is much to discover about your career choices and how these discoveries might enhance dire problem solving within our world.

BIO: Kate@OdysseyIndigo

Canadian writer Kate Orland Bere has studied literature at Western University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and at the Humber School of Writing – over a decade of study. She has studied with highly respected international writers and poets over her career, and has been recognized for her originality and talent. Born in Ontario’s Huron County, the writer-poet has lived in 12 cities across 3 countries. Freight, her first short story compilation, encompasses 12 stories exploring the impacts of various forms of trauma. KOB’s current literary project, a memoir entitled Out of Saudi, crosses into social and political commentary and analysis, satire, dreamscapes, feminist analysis, and more. KOB is also working on a book of poetry, and she continues to write short stories.

Kate@OdysseyIndigo is also a Career Development Professional [CDP with Distinction] who has worked for a decade within the career development field. She has taught university, advised university students and newcomers to Canada, as well as counselled entrepreneurs, artists, executives, managers, career transitions, mid-career clients, and students designing their program of study, or making critical changes/tweaks to their career trajectory. Through the researching and writing of her current blogs on the www.OdysseyIndigo.com website, Kate@OdysseyIndigo is continuously building knowledge in career futures. KOB is known for the clarity and originality of her thinking.

Change your life – change your goals.

You are purchasing career consulting / counselling with Kate@OdysseyIndigo – individual hours of career consultation / counselling, perhaps expanding a plan towards reaching whatever you imagine your career goals now to be, and perhaps to also explore what the steps could or should be to reach your maximum potential in your career. You, of course, can choose what to pursue in dialogue, but Kate@OdysseyIndigo will provide a number of helpful exploratory methods, all of them guided by the philosophy she utilizes in her counselling – career mindfulness [see above definition for this term coined by KOB]. Self-awareness and growth is essential to career satisfaction. Seeing the possibilities without experiencing fear or doubt is also at times the challenge. Sometimes one consulting session is enough to create focus and clarity on the direction / steps needed for positive changes. Sometimes 3 – 5 consultations can make all the difference to set out a fresh pathway towards a new life with greater joy and growth found in your work life – in your career path. But whatever your needs, you are gaining not only a career counsellor today, but a passionate, informed, skilled mentor and coach for your ongoing career decisions or crises, should you ever need this in the future. 

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Online Career Workshops

OdysseyIndigo offers several online workshops at any one time – please see below for the full roster. The dates for running the course will be stated clearly. When you sign up, Calendly will engage for booking and send you your Zoom link or links [as a course progresses, if more than one session]. 

Career workshops with Kate@OdysseyIndigo can change your life – and your income level over your lifespan. Taking a preliminary online workshop with OdysseyIndigo may lead to you deciding to sign up for consultations with Kate in order to explore your career design / future options. The pandemic has taught us just how volatile the world can be when it comes to work. How could you pandemic-proof your career situation?

Let’s talk about that! Think about taking an OdysseyIndigo online workshop to see where your gaps lie – and your questions, your serious interest. Your curiosity. Or, just sign up for a consultation [or book a short free one] with Kate to understand how this close attention to your career and worklife can pay serious dividends in your income over your lifetime, and your personal health and happiness over your lifetime.

If any of these following questions surface when you are thinking about work, or your career, perhaps you need to consider a change in your career – but first, carefully reconsider your values, your interests, your strengths:

1] I hate getting up and going to work. I dislike my work environment, people, or tasks, and I particularly know my response to all of the these or one of them poses a serious problem for me – even for my health. 

2] I find myself dreaming of a different life doing something completely different than I currently do. 

3] I feel unchallenged. I know that I am not reaching my potential. 

4] I feel lost or directionless, as if life does not matter. 

5] I find myself seriously annoyed or overwhelmed by the volume of work I do on a constant basis. 

6] I want a different life, and know that is entirely possible, but I do not know how to get there.

7] I have a bucket list or a set goal when it comes to my career, but I am so busy all of the time, I cannot see the forest for the trees. I need clarity, focus, and actionable steps in a plan that is realistic. 

8] I do not understand how, as a newcomer, I can ever find my way in this new country and new culture. I am overwhelmed!

9] I am young and I could learn so many different things – how do I decide what I should learn, in view of the complex world we are creating in these times?

10] I want to really understand myself better as a young person – my talents, my interests, my potential. How can I best do this? What are my best options for a foundation in a longer-term career plan that may have to change? 

11] I am retiring in 15 [whatever] years. That’s a lot of time…but I am worried about it. What can I do now to make retirement an easier step in every sense. A welcome step?

Any of the above sound like yourself? If so, consider booking a consultation with Kate, or a workshop, or both. I guarantee you, you will attain far greater perspective on your options and on your best path forward.