Cancellation Policy

Quality in Client Care

Kate@OdysseyIndigo looks forward to working with you to attain your ultimate professional goals, possessing both the objective and the expertise to guide you through to deep meaning and fulfillment in this powerful process – whether in your writing choices and growth abilities, or in your career choices and ascendance. 

After you have read the Odyssey Indigo Cancellation policy below, do read our Odyssey Indigo Mission Statement here

Caution in Booking: 

  • Please ensure when you book that you have no scheduling conflict with your booking or workshop.
  • If booking within 72 hours of your consult/workshop, please be absolutely sure that you have no conflict. 

Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting Cancellation Policy


  1. Needing to reschedule more than 72 hours prior to your consultation or Seminar-Workshop: If you book a consultation or a workshop with Kate@OdysseyIndigo, but you are unable to attend on the day / time you have booked, then you can reschedule with no cost – IF you contact me via email more than 72 hours in advance of your booked appointment or workshop. 
  • Despite this policy, it is incumbent upon the client to ensure that you have no conflict with your booking when you book a consultation or seminar-workshop. 
  • If more than 72 hours before your consultation or workshop you find that you need to reschedule, please write an email to – like this precisely: 

A] In your header: “Reschedule please: ‘your full name as booked’” 

B] In the body of your email state date / time of your booking & the package name you had purchased – the package name precisely as from the website

C] In the body of your email also briefly explain what you need for a reschedule date [give 3 options]: why & when you would like to reschedule – this is if or more than72 hours prior to the booking /event.

D]Kate will manually choose a new date / time based on what you say in your email, and email you a new Zoom link for your rescheduled consultation or workshop. Kate may call you to ensure that the date/time is working for you. Be sure to keep a close eye on texts / emails if you have contacted her to reschedule [at more than 72 hours prior to your consult or workshop] as Kate may text prior to a call, for instance. 

E)  If a workshop needs date changed more than 72 hours in advance, the same as the above process applies for your rescheduling procedure. 

F) Please ensure to follow that procedure A-D or E) precisely or your rescheduling link may be delayed.   

G] If the same workshop is not available to reschedule, you can use your credit with Odyssey Indigo towards any other Odyssey Indigo product – any consultation package [writing or career], product, or workshop. If there is a discrepancy in price, or if the new product is more, you will need to pay that difference in price by e-xfer when the new booking [reschedule] is made – doing so over the phone [consulting on difference] with Kate@Odyssey Indigo. If the new product costs more than what you had purchased originally, Odyssey Indigo will refund to you the difference by e-xfer immediately when the rescheduled workshop booking is made, again in consult by phone. Thank you. 


2. Needing to reschedule at or within 72 hours of your consultation or workshop: 

If, however, you are contacting Kate at or within 72 hours of your consultation or workshop, you will need to text Kate@OdysseyIndigo: TEXT – 1-905-961-1959 of your issue and arrange via text for a call to discuss the issue. Do not call and do not email when contacting to reschedule at or within 72 hours [prior] of a consult or a workshop. Text ONLY please. Give please the same info as A – E above; keep it brief. Kate will reply and call you ASAP to discuss. Do not leave voice messages this close in to your booking or workshop– please text.


  • Please Note that in this instance – if it is at or less than 72 hours to your consult or workshop when you contact Kate, any potential for a reschedule possibility/decision [without a fresh booking altogether from the website] will be based upon our conversation. Fairness to both parties is always the objective.


Missing an appointment with no communication to Kate in advance of your consult or workshop: 

No Shows:

  • If you miss your scheduled appointment and you had not contacted Kate@Odyssey Indigo at all by any means, or in the way described above [clearly] within the 72-hour time window prior to your appointment or workshop: then I cannot reschedule your workshop or consultation at no cost after the date/time of the consult or workshop has already passed. You can schedule of course and pay for another appointment from the website; purchase your new appointment. 
  • I will work with you just as I would any of my clients giving you the full force of my professional expertise. No problem if you miss your consultation or workshop, but you will need to make a new booking. 
  • If there was some truly abnormal situation, then text me with the details, but in 99.9% of cases, I would expect at least a text prior to the appointment or workshop in order to validate a non-show. 
  • Please, again, ensure when you book that you have no conflicts with your consult booking or workshop.

Cancellation Policy from the Business Side:

Finally, we are human – and the above policy makes clear that as long as the client tries to forewarn Odyssey Indigo of an issue, Kate will attempt to find a working solution. From the business side, should there be power disruptions that make Zoom impossible, Kate will text the client or call to clarify, to see if a call instead of a Zoom is possible for the client’s consult, or if rescheduling is necessary. If any lengthy delay is caused, for any reason, the client will have the option of a full refund in the event that Zoom is locked for their consultation time, or due to an IT issue.

If Kate is ever sick and unable to work [this is quite rare], she will email to give the client the option of rescheduling for another time in the near future. If there is any longer-term issue with her health, Kate will issue a full refund to the client.

If there is an in-person workshop scheduled, and bad weather or a storm threatens travel, or sickness, once again, Kate will be emailing with options – either rescheduling the event for a particular date in the future, or cancellation of the event with a full or partial refund, depending on the venue policy on their fee with weather cancellations. If it is due to sickness [Kate], a full refund will be provided, unless the workshop can be rescheduled within a 2-week window. Whenever there is any kind of disruption, the client will be informed immediately, and their options provided. 

I look forward to working with you to reach fresh understandings of your full potential, whether this discovery lies within your powers of expression or your stories, long or short – or within your own career aspirations and strategies. Let’s explore those exciting trajectories together to plan and to strategize your path forward. Creative ideas grow more fulfilling, and more joyous lives. 

Kind regards, 

Kate Orland Bere

Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting