Business Seminars / Workshops

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Business Seminars or Webinars & Business Content Creation or Editing

Any business wishing to nurture a positive, communicative, effective, productive staff environment would benefit from Odyssey Indigo On-site Seminars or Online Webinars. This service begins with a free meeting with your corporate communications manager or coordinator, or whoever is in charge of the following issues in the workplace:


  1. Effective Corporate Communications
  2. The Importance of Human Rights in the Workplace
  3. Dispute Resolution in the Workplace
  4. Strategies for Career Development within the Workplace
  5. Building Community at Work: Team Building


If on-site workshop-seminars or online webinars are required in any of these areas, or perhaps others, that initial meeting would identify hotspots to focus upon, and a contract quote would be offered after an examination/discussion of business needs and objectives has been examined, analyzed, and products fine-tuned and presented. Odyssey Indigo Seminars / Webinars offer strong knowledge of each of the subject areas, high integrity, as well as a firm understanding of how to render learning that is both assimilated and enjoyed. 

Business Writing Projects or Editing: Businesses who need regular writing done [such as regular blogs/reviews/proposals] should contact: or Kate @ 905.961.1959 and request a Zoom meeting to discuss. Please indicate the availability and full name of the responsible person and a working contact number. Expect a reply within 24 hours. If you become a business client – expect a reply to inquiries within 12 hours.