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Writing is thinking; passion is purpose.

– Kate Orland Bere

Media Bio

Born on Ontario’s West Coast in Huron County, this Canadian writer-poet has lived in 12 cities across 3 countries. Over a decade, Kate Orland Bere studied literature at Western University, McGill University, the University of Toronto, Duke University, and at the Humber School of Writing. She has studied/worked with highly respected international writers and poets over the past 20 years and more. Freight, her first short story compilation, encompasses12 stories exploring through narrative the impacts of various forms of trauma. Her current literary project, a memoir entitled Out of Saudi, crosses into social-political commentary and analysis, feminist analysis, dreamscapes, satire, and more. KOB continues also to write poetry, short stories, and essays.

You can read Kate’s regular epistle/newsletter on Substack here:

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What IS Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting?

Writing Development: Consultations & Writing Workshops

Odyssey Indigo is a sole proprietary brand that provides top-tier writing coaching and intensive developmental editing consultations which focus in on a particular client writing project – whether books, blogs, essays, or stories. As well, specialized, innovative writing workshops are offered to develop writing skills for particular purposesfiction, non-fiction, business writing, blog writing, writing for children, poetry, writing for or about the environment and/or climate change, writing for career, for self-discovery, or for legacy purposes – in other words, to leave a strong autobiographical piece in your wake. The purpose and goal of all communications and writing services through Odyssey Indigo is to assist clients in their projects to attain levels of depth and meaning in their writing they had not imagined possible – which of course often translates in value [monetizing]. This is accomplished through thoughtful development of the ideas, themes, and organization of the work – developmental editing / writing coaching. Line-by-line editing can be contracted through Odyssey Indigo also. To understand Odyssey Indigo Developmental Editing, download our Service Booklet HERE. To find all offered services through Odyssey Indigo Writing Consultations & Workshops including the Great Balls of Fire, Greta!, our first and free pilot online Climate Change workshop focusing on Greta’s new book – the Climate Book, or for the Legacy Project Online Workshop offered each week on Saturdays at 10 AM, click HERE.  

Career Development: Career Consultations & Special Career Workshops:

Odyssey Indigo is also a unique brand of career development based on the concept of career mindfulness [Read Career Mindfulness definition HERE], a term coined and developed by Kate Orland Bere, writer and sole proprieter of Odyssey Indigo. Intensive, intentional career consultation sessions are offered, with specialization on the career development of writers, artists, entrepreneurs, executives, and newcomers or any individual in transition mode, for whatever cause, including youth in career decision-making mode [initiation of their career], or education consults. Our online workshop entitled “Discover your Path, Find your Future” is for youth choosing a university or college or training program for their career path – their initial career direction. This one-hour online workshop offered Sundays at 10 AM each week guides youth [and/or parents] in strategies to bear down on that decision-making process in a joyful journey of self-discovery – check it out HERE.

As well, specialized, innovative career workshops are offered even to those planning for retirement, or rewirement – such as the “Gratefully Rewired Online Workshop” [coming soon] – which can be for retirement or rewirement exploration – or for anyone desiring to explore career alternatives in a group setting [there will be writing involved] – no matter your age. Look for both online and in-person workshops for GratefullyREWIRED to be offered soon on the website. There will be other specialized career workshops, both online and in-person, offered soon. Do keep checking!

Kate’s BLOGS

Associated with the above, GratefullyRewired is also a Blog written by Kate Orland Bere found on the website, once per month – read it HERE. If you sign up with your email for a newsletter to be sent to you each month, you will receive all 3 of Kate’s blogs: GratefullyRewired, SisterThink, and FuturePense – once per month. Note that SisterTHINK is not only for women. See where these insightful, engaging, well-researched blogs take your thoughts – in ideas, inspiration, and knowledge. These blogs are future-focused. 


Kate Orland Bere @ Odyssey Indigo is now available as a speaker. See on the website HERE for speech topics.

Mission Statement:
Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting

The mission of Odyssey Indigo Communications & Consulting is to explore and open pathways to the future and to produce written work which explores the path one has walked, or is walking, or will walk, exploring the meanings evolving from that chosen path. The mission is also in life design: designing your life is to some extent possible. With attentive engagement with the self, we learn to pay attention to the thoughts and concerns of our inner lives. This is your life, every day of your life – what will you decide to make of it, whether you are 15 or 85? The more decisive you become, in positive ways, the more likely your life will progress in scintillating directions, no matter your age, whether young or older. The primary underlying mission of this business, Odyssey Indigo, is to guide clients, whether individually or in groups, to discover their most valuable professional and personal assets – guiding the client to creatively, incisively, and meaningfully present their brand to the world. 

Let’s explore those ideas impacting your life in an engaging, fulfilling, authentic odyssey of self-discovery. 

Kate@Odyssey Indigo is ultimately committed to each client’s positive experience, and the integrity and confidentiality of service to each client whether that is a business client or an individual as client. That is the Odyssey Indigo policy first and foremost. 

Career Mindfulness: What is it?

– a term created by Kate O]rland Bere in 2 articles written for CareerHD 2022

If you are being career mindful, you ensure that you remain fully aware and engaging in an ongoing dialogue with your basic core strengths, interests, and values, as these can change over time. Your values matter most of all. Further, to be career mindful, you are always actively seeking pathways forward – challenges – to grow further in those core areas, discovering or even creating the environment needed to expand on your values, interests, and strengths. By directly challenging yourself to grow and to achieve what you dream of achieving, you continuously and mindfully grow in your career path, naturally and progressively. Your life is thereby shaped by that exciting growth, rather than by stagnation and repetition – boredom.

Career mindfulness is all about assuming responsibility for your own personal career growth, and ideally, doing so with joy and discovery. Our world is rapidly changing, and there is much to discover about your career choices and how these discoveries might enhance dire problem solving within our world.



Welcome to OdysseyIndigo! I hope what you find on this website will inspire you in so many different ways. 

The three separate blogs found at the bottom of each page will have new entries added once per month, and will be compiled monthly as a newsletter. If you provide your email, this newsletter will be sent to you each month – gratis. These blogs are carefully researched and well-written to provide you with meaningful content. At any time, you can withdraw your free subscription, if you no longer wish to receive it. 

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